Please warmly welcome these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month.   Abisoye, Tobi Olaoluwa Research Contracts Officer New to SFU Research Operations VPR VP Research Summary   Barker, Paul Assoc Dir, Strategic Operation New to SFU
Arbitrations and Grievances APSA has filed a grievance based on article 9.2 of our Basic Agreement. This grievance is to dispute the University's inconsistent distribution of the professional development fund reimbursement payout for temporary members from our last round of bargaining. We hope to resolve this matter as soon as possible.
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Each month, our advocates answer your questions about workplace challenges, the AD 10 policies, and how they’re applied. Questions? Submit them anonymously here. These questions will be answered in a monthly advocacy corner issue. For an immediate answer, please contact APSA.
Research Assistants and APSA Membership April 27, 2023
Your Independent Voice April 4, 2023 Flora’s (not her real name) email to me came at a low moment. Let me explain.
Mat Cocuzzi, Associate Director of Facilities Services recently posted the following update on the GoFundMe page for Dante Villalobos's family:
Each month, our Advocacy Committee answers your questions about the AD 10 policies (aka, your terms and conditions of employment.) Here is APSA advocate Mike Peragine to answer some of your questions about workplace issues.
Please warmly welcome these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month. Anderson, Brendan Mark Research Coordinator New to SFU FCAT Research Affairs Faculty of Communication Arts Technology   Antunes Batista, Larissa Evelyn Executive Assistant to the VP