Please give a warm welcome to these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month.   Anwar, Sara    Junior Business Analyst          New to SFU Beedie Burnaby Administration Beedie School of Business   Bell, Katie Manager, Advanced Professional Studies
Each month, the Advocacy Committee answers your questions about the AD 10 policies (aka, your terms and conditions of employment.)
Arbitrations and Grievances APSA has filed a grievance based on article 9.2 of our Basic Agreement. This is to dispute the University's inconsistent distribution of the professional development fund reimbursement payout for temporary members from our last round of bargaining. We hope to resolve this matter as soon as possible.
While many workplaces are well-managed, some are difficult to navigate. A passive-aggressive boss or co-worker, inappropriate comments, actions to significantly increase or decrease your workload, malicious gossip, or unclear communication can result in clashes in the workplace. It can contribute to stress and even long-term health conditions. 
Please give a warm welcome to these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month. Angheli-Zaicenco, Natalia Director, Communications & Marketing New to SFU Education Office of the Dean Faculty Of Education   Campbell, Kaitlyn Educator EDI, Work Intgrated Learning
Each month, our APSA Advocates answer your questions about workplace challenges, the AD 10 policies and how they’re applied. Questions? Submit them anonymously here. Hello, I'm Laya Behbahani, an advocate on APSA's Advocacy Committee. On behalf of the Committee, I'm answering your questions about the importance of APSA representation during meetings and accessing your own employee file.