APSA Leadership and Committees

All committee members and leaders are volunteers who stepped forward from within the APSA membership, to make your work environment better. APSA's four full-time staff supports them in their work.



APSA's Board of Directors consists of ten members, including the President and Vice President. They are all volunteers who are elected by the APSA membership and serve by providing leadership and direction to APSA staff and committees. Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors.

Meet APSA's current leadership.

APSA Committees

  On the committee
  APSA Volunteers APSA Staff Professional
Board of Directors
Elected members provide leadership to committee chairs. Keeps the pulse on committee work and debates and approves major decisions. Meets with SFU senior administration to discuss the issues facing members. 
Advises members on their rights and entitlement, according to the AD 10 employment policies. Represent members or serve as observers, in disputes with the University, deal with grievances and consult with legal counsel when necessary.
Responsible for overseeing the financials and investments. Develops the yearly budget and works closely with the Executive Director and financial advisors. 
Nominating and Association Development
Identifies and recruits members for APSA's committees, including the Board and joint committees. Oversees Board nominations and elections. 
Pension Advisory
Develops recommendations to change the Pension Plan text and/or its administration, as required. Develops educational material for pension plan members.
Salary and Benefits
Negotiates compensation improvements with the University, on behalf of members. Research and survey members to prioritize salary and benefit improvements. 
Total Compensation Review
A subcommittee of Salary and Benefits, created after the 2014 compensation negotiations. Tasked with making recommendations to the Joint Compensation Review Committee to improve total compensation and spend three pots of money available from negotiations. Select members of this committee meet with the University to consider recommendations towards the development of a total compensation package.
University Affairs
Ensures AD 10 policies are clear, current and applicable to changing workplaces. Works closely with the Advocacy Committee, reviewing grievances and policy issues brought forward by members. Select members of this committee will meet with HR to clarify the AD 10 policies.

In addition, APSA representatives sit on these university committees:

SFU Staff Pension Plan Board of Trustees
Allyson Biro

Board of Governors
Carolyn Hanna, Staff Rep

Human Rights Policy Board
Aileen To, Staff Rep