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Although Black history in Canada should be considered, discussed and celebrated all year, February is a good time to remind us of the need to reflect on Black history in Canada and how these stories were an integral part of this nation’s growth and development. 
Please warmly welcome these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month. Beres, Kyle WriteAway Writing Services Coordinator       New to SFU ELN Operation     Library and BC ELN   Chan, Ian Agriculture Engineering Consultant New to HR or Academic Groups
SFU Budget SFU has published their third quarter financials in the Financial Committee for the BoG, which we are including here. Of note, SFU must file for deficit approval to the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills by the end of the second quarter. To date, SFU does not appear to have made such a filing — there have certainly been no public announcements that the University has done so.
Budget Cuts and Your Stories February 7, 2024
Please warmly welcome these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month. Hines, Sommer Program Manager, Graduate Programs New to SFU Beedie Graduate Programs Beedie School of Business   Jin, Lina Undergraduate Advisor Additional Job
Negotiations Compensation Negotiations Payouts: Your retro GWI pay have been paid out on December 29. Please contact your department's HR Business Partner if you have any questions. Basic Agreement Bargaining: APSA and SFU will begin renegotiating the Basic Agreement on January 15-19. 
"Your energy is currency. Spend it well." — Adrienne Bosh Often, APSA members — dedicated to their work with faculty and students — try to continue providing the same level of service with less staff to do the job. Great supervisors will work with their reports to devise creative solutions during these difficult times, but APSA members have felt ground down and burnt out since the pandemic, and this has only continued with the announcement of a hiring freeze.
It's January and the start of a new year! Here's a quick list of benefits that reset each calendar year. 1. Vacation time AD 10.8 You now have access to your yearly vacation allotment. Here's a table below for reference. Number of Calendar Years of Employment Length of Vacation Entitlement
Hello APSA Members, I want to thank you all for attending the AGM on November 28th. As I said then, it has been a difficult year on campus, and unfortunately, with the Budget announcements, it looks to be another challenging year ahead. Please remember that APSA members are extremely important. Your work supports our students, the faculty, and each other, and I appreciate the integrity and commitment evident in APSA members' work!
Please warmly welcome these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month. Adetiba, Olubanjo Lead Systems Administrator New to SFU Servers and Storage IT Services   Boe, Amanda Michelle Coordinator, Executive Education Temporary Promotion Beedie Executive Education Programs Beedie School of Business   Bridgman, Alyssa Katherine Executive Assistant Promotion VP Academic Office
Are you feeling more tired than usual? Have you lost all motivation to complete work duties or chores at home? Are things grating on your nerves that usually would not stress you out? You might be facing burnout. What is burnout, other than a buzzword? We've all faced times when work has been stressful, and we feel that stress and even use it to motivate us to complete projects and other deliverables. Burnout happens when you've been stressed too often and can manifest as physical, mental or emotional symptoms.
Negotiations Compensation Negotiations Payouts: SFU LR has informed APSA staff about a technical issue with paying out the retro pay, which was supposed to be sent to APSA members in mid to late December. We will notify you as soon as we learn more! Basic Agreement Bargaining: APSA and SFU are in the process of renegotiating the Basic Agreement. After a request by SFU to delay bargaining the Basic Agreement into the spring, we are working on new bargaining dates. 
The Stress We Feel Right Now December 5, 2023
  We’ve got you covered on what happened at the meeting.
APSA is pleased to announce the new officers for the APSA board of directors. Ben Boyle was voted in as the 2024 president of APSA, Kim O'Donnell was voted in as the new vice-president, and Jasper Stoodley is your 2024 treasurer. Please take a moment to congratulate all the appointees. We know that they are dedicated and will work hard for APSA members’ interests.
Before heading off on holiday, have you taken note of these year-end items? Paid leave – Holiday closure AD 10.08 Once again, the University will be closed for the holiday break. Continuing members will be paid for this time. Temporary members will be paid for this time period if the last day of your temporary appointment is after the holiday closure.
Each month, our Advocacy Committee answers your questions about the AD 10 policies (aka, your terms and conditions of employment.) Here is APSA advocate Mike Peragine to answer some of your questions about workplace issues.
Please warmly welcome these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month.   Aarma, Katlin Celine   Coordinator, Executive Education New Appointment Beedie Executive Education Programs Beedie School of Business   Babb, Brian Magnetic Resonance Technologist
Negotiations Compensation Negotiations Payouts: SFU LR has informed APSA that the one-time supplement for temporary APSA employees should be available in accounts to ensure ample time to use the funds before the end of the year, as temporary employees have no carry-over provision.
Hello APSA members, Hazel Trembath Elementary school in Port Coquitlam has been devastated by a fire that started in the early hours of Saturday, October 14. Thankfully, no one was injured but the loss to the students and the Port Coquitlam community is still being felt today.
We love our volunteers. Why volunteer for APSA? Volunteers are an essential part of the operation and culture of APSA. Every volunteer makes a difference to APSA members from all of SFU’s campuses. We would love for you to be one of them. Please have a look below for the volunteer opportunities, time commitment for each opportunity and details below. You could improve the workplace and work lives of over 1700 people. What’s in it for me?
Advocating for You Early each fall, my team begins preparing for our APSA AGM in November. There’s a lot to do—finances, an annual report, data on how we help our members. I was stunned when we tallied this year’s numbers on how many of you came to us for advocacy help.
Please warmly welcome these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month. Ahmed, Zarine Saima Manager, Graduate Curriculum & Policy        New to SFU     Graduate Studies          Anderson, Alison Margaret   Functional Analyst      Temporary Promotion
NOTE: APSA employees are seeing their increases earlier than initially planned.
SFU Athletics and Recreation: What's Next?
Dear APSA Members, Welcome Back! As the new semester begins and the seasons begin to change, I’d like to welcome you all back to another Fall on campus. Fall is my favourite season, with sunny days and crisp, cool evenings, leaves changing colours, and students coming or returning to campus with enthusiasm and a positive outlook for the future.
Please warmly welcome these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month.   Antolick, Heidi            Coordinator, Research Grants & Projects New to Group Gerontology Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences   Arkadianos, Dionysios           Digital Learning Specialist New to Group Humanities
Hello APSA members, We are pleased to announce the official ratification of our memorandum of agreement with SFU. Many of you have asked questions during the information sessions or by email to the APSA office staff. Here are some frequently asked questions.    Compassionate and Personal Leave With Pay How is this different from Vacation or Sick days?
Learn more about this policy here: AD 10.09
Welcome Back (to a Ratified Bargaining Agreement!) August 30, 2023 Hello everyone, I’d like to welcome you all back to the start of September. I’m writing just before heading out on vacation, and it looks like September has brought some early fall weather. 
Nine members were nominated for APSA’s Board of Directors three-year term. The one-year term has been determined by acclamation. Vote for your new Board of Directors — 2023 Here are your new directors for 2023 as voted by you, our members. Congratulations!   Melanie Brown Director — Provost & VP Academic