We’ve got you covered on what happened at the meeting.

  1. APSA spoke about the challenges of the past year and our relationship with the University.
    Chairperson and president Jill Sutherland spoke about the difficult year that the members have had and thanked them for their dedication to the students and their support of each other and the SFU community. She discussed the recent information coming out of the University and the impact it has had on APSA staff. There were also celebrations, such as our successful bargaining and improved relationship with the University. Read her full report in the Annual Report below.
  2. Our finances are stable, and there was an increase in legal fees due to arbitration.
    Jasper Stoodley, APSA treasurer, spoke about APSA’s expenses and budget. There was an increase in legal expenses as three advocacy cases resulted in mediation/arbitration. There were also two issues that resulted in APSA requiring legal assistance with Labour Relations Board matters. Below are the finances:
    Engagement Review (Accountant’s Full Financial Report)
  3. The Advocacy Committee.
    Andrew Boden spoke on behalf of the Advocacy Committee. Read the full Advocacy report here.
  4. We took questions from our members with both the Salary and Benefits chair, Kris Nordgren and Jeff Bryer, the Pension chair, to answer questions. We also acknowledged and thanked Kris for his work as chair and best wishes in his future endeavours, as he is stepping down from this position. Read the Salary & Benefits and Pension Advisory reports.
  5. We welcomed your new board of directors. 
    They’ll work on your behalf to find solutions to your concerns and represent your interests. You can find them on the Board of Directors page.
  6. We thanked our former board members, current board members and staff.
    David Agosti, Lutte Brink, Cindy Li and Tess Williams stepped down from the board this year. We thank them for their tireless service to APSA as board members.

For more detailed information, here are the minutes for the 2023 AGM.

Link to APSA’s 2023 Annual Report

Annual Report 2023

Stats for AGM. 

We had 163 members attend. The meeting duration was an hour and 29 minutes.

Links mentioned in the AGM.

Hybrid Work questions

SFU Bullying and Harassment
Policy: http://www.sfu.ca/policies/gazette/general/gp47.h…

Salary and Benefits
Here’s our latest update on the implementation timeline:

Total Compensation Review Committee
Colin Taylor Award Announcement - 2015

Link to PDF of CT Award

JCRC Mediated Settlement

Board of Directors

APSA Bylaws, Constitution, Basic Agreement

SFU Snow Closure Guidelines