Undergraduate Advisor The Geography department is looking for an Undergraduate Advisor, 2 days a week, for a position share. Position Summary:
Our dedicated volunteers have worked on tirelessly on behalf of you, our members! Their time involves attending committee meetings, creating proposals, writing negotiation points, meeting with senior administration and defending members via phone calls, email and in person. In honour of National Volunteer Week (April 8-14), help us celebrate our 32 dedicated and hard-working volunteers. If you see one of these familiar faces, please thank them. Or drop them an email to express your gratitude for the work they do on your behalf. 
Hi, I'm David. I'm the Director of Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services. I've been at SFU for, oh about 12 years now. I have a background in commerce and human resource management, but you can look up my LinkedIn profile to find out more about that.
You bolster yourself in the morning, thinking, maybe today my boss won't criticize me during the staff meeting, they won't tell me that a high school student can do my job better than me. They won't yell at me over a typo in the newsletter. You arrive in the office not knowing who to trust, as your colleagues may say something to your boss. You work hours of overtime, knowing that you won't get paid. Then you go home to get yourself ready to do it all again tomorrow. Bullying and harassment at work is a real thing.
APSA staff believe that honing our skills helps all of our members. We are committed to learn, grow and be at the top of our game in our professional fields. Here's a short list of recent staff education and learning:
APSA would like to thank members who participated in our member survey. This survey serves as a benchmark for APSA to measure our performance and allows us to better understand members' concerns. APSA has discussed the results with our Board of Directors and will also be sharing this with other committees.
The Graduate Liberal Studies program is included in the tuition-waiver benefit for SFU employees and their dependants.   
Each month, our Advocacy Committee answers your questions about the AD 10 polices (aka, your terms and conditions of employment.) Here is Advocacy Committee Chair, Wanda Dekleva, to answer some of your questions about discipline and termination of employment.         I’ve heard that APSA members can be fired for any reason, is this true?
Hello APSA Members, This is just a reminder that APSA can attend Return to Work meetings with you if you wish. Please contact the APSA office if you would like someone to attend a meeting with you or have questions about when an APSA representative can accompany you.
When Justine Sacco tweeted before a long-haul flight to South Africa in 2003, she didn't think anything of it. Her twitter following was approximately 170 people, most who knew her personally. Her misguided tweet blew up over Twitter, cost her her job and marked her as a racist. This story is a profound cautionary tale about using Social Media. In this new landscape where people post personal thoughts publicly, where everyone records every minutia of life makes you wonder if there is any privacy left at all.