As part of an ongoing process, APSA meets with the University quaterly to negotiate changes to the AD 10 policies via the Joint University Affairs Committee.
Interested in joining the APSA team as staff, or know someone who would be a perfect fit? We're hiring a new Communications & Engagment Coordinator.
The votes have been tallied and the results are in!   Rehana Bacchus, Sharina Janif, and Mitchell Stoddard will be joining the APSA Board of Directors and will serve for the next three years.   All three are new to the APSA board. Rehana is the Director of Education Programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Sharina is the Associate Director of Advancement for the Faculty of Science.
A huge thank you to Jovica Miodragovic, who's served as APSA's Trustee for the last six years. As Jovica is retiring from SFU this year, we are looking for a new Pension Trustee.
On July 1, three wage increases were applied to your salary.