Andrew Boden, APSA's Executive Director, participates in Bike to Work week.
Thank you to all APSA members who came to the Vancouver Social! We had a wonderful timing meeting you all! The balloon artist was a hit! Surrey, we're coming for you next on June 13. Come by for food, drinks and to say hello!
Last month we talked about what APSA does for its members (Negotiate, Advocate, and Educate). This month I'd like to get into specifics and talk about negotiations.
On July 1, three wage increases will be applied to APSA salaries. General Wage Increase - 1% In the last round of bargaining, our Salary & Benefits team negotiated an agreement that included general wage increases of 5.5% over five years. This year, 1% will be applied to all APSA salaries.  
Call for Nominations: APSA Board of Directors   APSA's Board of Directors has four open director positions. Interested in applying?   Director position description A Director:
Giving Back: Meet Vince Wong, a new APSA volunteer APSA volunteers contribute their time and knowledge to help improve APSA members' work experiences. We were lucky to interview Vince Wong, who has recently joined the Salary and Benefits committee.
Why and how to say "no" at work At work, especially in a job that you like, you often want to show how much of a team player you are and earn your supervisor’s respect. Taking on new projects or mandates can be exciting. Until it’s not. If you’ve already got your hands full and your supervisor comes to you with another project, should you take it on? It depends.
Each month, the Advocacy Committee answers your questions about the AD 10 polices (aka, your terms and conditions of employment.) Hello, I'm Rob McTavish, an advocate on APSA's Advocacy Committee. On behalf of the Committee, I'm answering your questions related to coming forward to APSA with workplace issues.