David Agosti

Before we get back into our committee discussion, I wanted to remind members to use your professional development funds this year. Contact HR for preapproval and submit your receipts to Learning and Development before it's too late.

So, back to last month's discussion. We talked about the Advocacy Committee, the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee. Let's talk about the remaining committees.

The Pension Advisory Committee recommends changes to the pension plan and educates our membership on pension issues. This committee worked hard over several years to successfully produce an agreement between the other employee groups, who share our pension plan, as well as the University. While the changes were rejected by the PolyParty, this committee, together with Salary and Benefits, is still looking for ways to implement pension changes. We've had an outstanding response to our call for volunteers for this committee, so thank you for your enthusiasm and engagement.

The Salary and Benefits Committee is currently gearing up for our round of bargaining with the University. This committee is involved in negotiating compensation improvements with the University. The committee had an unprecedented response to the survey and is currently crafting APSA's proposals for improvements.

In our last round of bargaining in 2014, we went to arbitration and won the Colin Taylor award. This led to creating a committee called the Total Compensation Review Committee. This committee makes recommendations on compensation improvements to the Joint Compensation Review Committee.

Our final negotiating committee is the University Affairs Committee, which works closely with the Advocacy committee on how the language of our policies affects our members. The committee then negotiates language changes to the AD 10 policies, which represent our non-financial conditions of employment.

These volunteers and committees are here to support and improve your work-life at SFU. This includes all our Surrey, Vancouver (including the Centre for Digital Learning) and Burnaby members in all positions.

Did any of these committees appeal to you?  Contact APSA to learn more about how to get involved.