Salary & Benefits Committee

This Committee advises the Executive Committee on matters related to APSA members' total compensation package. They prepare initial positions for compensation negotiations with the University and make recommendations to the Executive regarding the creation of negotiating teams.

  1. Purpose of Committee
    To advise the Executive on salary and benefits issues and to make recommendations to the Executive regarding personnel for the APSA Negotiations Team.
  2. Membership of Committee
    The President or designate will put out an annual call to APSA members, asking for applications.  Committee members are appointed by the APSA Executive. The Chair is selected by and from the Committee members subject to approval by the Executive.

  3. Terms of Committee Members
    Duration of terms of Committee members is two years (staggered), commencing December 01 and ending November 30.

  4. Committee Decisions
    Decisions of the committee are generally made by consensus.  If consensus is not attainable, a vote of the members will take place with the Chair only casting a vote in case of a tie.  Minutes of meetings are not required.  Decisions are made in the form of written recommendations to the Executive.

  5. Reporting
    The Committee is responsible to the APSA Executive and normally selects a sub-group of its members to represent APSA in negotiations, when required.  The selection of this Negotiating Team is made in the form of a recommendation to the Executive, for approval by the Executive.
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