Pension Advisory Committee

Working with other employee group pension committees and the University, this Committee develops recommendations to change the Pension Plan text and/or its administration, as required. They also provide pension information to the Executive Committee and develop educational material for members about their plan.

  1. Purpose of Committee
    To provide information to the APSA Executive and APSA members on pension matters.

    To work with other employee group pension committees and the University in the development of recommendations to the changes to the Pension Plan Text and/or its administration, as required.

  2. Membership of Committee
    Committee members are appointed by the APSA Executive. The Chair is chosen by and from the Committee members subject to approval by the Executive. The APSA Executive will choose one (or more, if required) of the Committee members to represent APSA on the Employee Joint Pension Committee.
  3. Terms of Committee Members
    Duration of terms of the committee members is two years (staggered), commencing December 01 and ending November 30.

  4. Committee Decisions
    The Committee is not normally a decision-making body.  Minutes of meetings are not required. Information is provided to the APSA Executive as required by the Executive or as determined by the Committee.

  5. Reporting
    The Committee is responsible to the APSA Executive.
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