David Agosti

Last month we talked about what APSA does for its members (Negotiate, Advocate, and Educate). This month I'd like to get into specifics and talk about negotiations.

We have three committees that negotiate or bargain different parts of this agreement: The Pension Advisory Committee (PAC), the University Affairs Committee (UAC) and the Salary and Benefits Committee.

UAC negotiates language changes in the agreement that are non-financial in nature, and these are contained in the AD 10 policies. The Salary and Benefits committee negotiates financial aspects of our agreement, excluding pension. And obviously, the Pension Committee negotiates our pension plan benefits.

This year is a negotiating year, and the Salary and Benefits Committee is currently meeting to begin the preparation work for negotiations. Part of this preparation will include a member survey where the committee can gather information about workplace issues that concern you. The Salary and Benefits Committee will be sending you this survey and other communication in the upcoming months.

Finally, I'd like to touch on this month's Advocacy Corner on coming forward to APSA. Many members are afraid that by talking to APSA, they're jeopardizing their career. Conversations with APSA staff and advocates are confidential, and you choose what to do next. I'll talk about advocacy a bit more next month.