APSA Annual General Meeting

November 22nd, 2022

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

This AGM was conducted via zoom

Quorum was achieved with 144 members attending via zoom as of 12:05 pm, and the meeting was called to order. 

Link to APSA’s 2022 General Report

  1. Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda:

  • Moved by Kris Nordgren, seconded by Jasper Stoodley.
    • Motion Carries.
  1. Approval of the 2021 AGM minutes

Motion to approve the 2020 AGM minutes:

  • Moved by Jasper Stoodley, seconded by Kris Nordgren.
    • Motion Carries.
  1. President’s Report

David Agosti gave an overview of his report, which can be found linked above.

Questions from the Floor:

  • Can everyone see questions here? I noticed the "send anonymously" is also disabled, why is that?
    • That was from a discussion at the last AGM, there were concerns from members so we decided questions would not be anonymous going forward. 
  • Why was the AGM not done in person?
    • Left overs from covid in terms of planning and setting everything up. Cross our fingers that the next AGM will be in person. 
  1. Treasurer’s Report    
    1. Engagement Review (Accountant’s Full Financial Report)        
      1. Statement of Financial Position
      2. Statement of Operations
      3. Statement of Changes in Net Assets
    2. 2022 - 2023 Budget

APSA’s Treasurer, Jasper Stoodley, presented the financial statements and the 2022/2023 budget, which are linked above.

Questions from the Floor:

  • Are there any plans to reduce APSA dues?
    • There are no current plans to reduce dues. 
  • Where can we see the pay for the APSA employees?
    • We don’t usually post individual salaries in the financials except for the totals line. I do note that MNP will note if someone makes more than $75,000 and that can be found in the MNP documents. 
  • Is there an opportunity to increase the APSA dues to allow for hiring additional member representatives to better support the membership?
    • Any discussion regarding increases or decreases to dues would be done after a comprehensive review and the board is not currently considering anything in that regards at this point. 
  1. Year in Review - Committee Reports
    1. Salary & Benefits
    2. Pension Advisory
    3. Total Compensation Review
    4. Advocacy

Committee reports can be found at the links above. Committee chairs gave brief overviews of their reports.

Questions from the Floor:

Salary & Benefits 

  • Given the huge cost of living increases being seen, and the timing of the next round of arbitration, what plans does APSA have to ensure a fair increase/appropriate salary increases?
    • APSA does fall under the PSEC mandate, the parameters under which we negotiate, which also provides the amount of money available for a general wage increase. 
  • Are there any items going forward with this arbitration or is it just with the new discussions?
    • The first arbitration is arising from a dispute with SFU over what is and isn’t negotiable at the bargaining table. The second is a dispute over an interpretation over the arbitrator’s previous award regarding access to the professional development funds for temporary APSA staff. 


  • How many APSA members are at SFU currently?
    • Approximately 1500 members. 
  1. Introduction of the 2022 - 2023 Executive Board

David Agosti, Jill Sutherland, Lutte Brink, and Cindy Li will be continuing their terms on the board. 

Jasper Stoodley was re-elected for a 3-year term. 

Newly elected to the board for a 1-year term is:

Tess Williams - Systems Consultant, IT Services

Newly elected to the board for a 3-year term are: 

Ben Boyle - Office Coordinator, Faculty of Communications, Art, and Technology

Phill Cunningham - Manager, Academic & Administrative Services, Department of Indiginous Studies

Stephanie Stewart - Disaster Recovery Coordinator - Information Security Services

Finally, with great thanks, APSA thanks outgoing board members Jeff Bryer, Camilla Cao, Arlette Stewart, and Vince Wong. 

  1. Other Business

Questions from the Floor:

  • If we can't send a question anonymously shouldn't we be able to see who is in attendance at this meeting? I find it strange that we can't see who is here. 
    • We’re not sure why the participant list is not visible to participants, however the chat is open. 
  • (Regarding the results of the board vote)The results only said who won, I want to see the breakdown of votes and voting percentage please. 
    • Please reach out directly to the APSA office for that information. 
  • When and how will we be notified when the priorities poll closes and APSA decides what to bargain for this year?
    • The Salary & Benefits survey will close on Dec 9th. 


  1. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 pm