Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Board of Directors serve members by providing leadership and direction to APSA staff and APSA committees. Board members are elected by the APSA members for a three-year term.

Recent Work

The Board of Directors have provided communication and direction in the pension negotiations and have organized the information in the 2018 AGM.

How the Committee Works

The Board of Directors is elected from the APSA membership and consists of a President and Vice President and eight Directors elected for a three-year term. The immediate Past President is an Ex-Officio Director of the Executive. The individuals elected to these positions volunteer their time to serve on the Board.

The mandate of the Board of Directors is to provide leadership and direction to staff and committees as well as participate in various activities as required. A strategic plan was initiated by the Board in order to provide the required direction to both staff and committees. Would you like to join the board? Please email apsa@sfu.ca for further information.