The Board of Directors is elected from the APSA membership and serve a three-year term. The committee consists of a President and Vice President. These positions are elected within the executive committee for one-year terms.

The Board provides leadership and direction to staff and committees. They also create strategic initiatives to ensure the Association is sustainable and moving forward.

Find out more about their work on the Committee Page or learn more about the APSA's Policies.


David AgostiDavid Agosti, President
Chair, Total Compensation Review Committee
Director, Parking and Sustainable Mobility

Jill Sutherland, Vice-president
Director, University Curriculum and Institutional Liaison

Jasper StoodleyJasper Stoodley, Treasurer
Director, Information Systems, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Lutte BrinkLutte Brink
Coordinator of Finance, Staffing and Administration
External Relations

Jeff Bryer
Chair, Pension Advisory Committee
Systems Consultant II, IT Services

Camilla CaoCamilla Cao
Associate Director, Operations
SFU's Big Data Initiative

Cindy LiCindy Li
Communications Officer, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Matthew MenziesMatthew Menzies
Disabilities Access Advisor, Centre for Accessible Learning

Arlette StewartArlette Stewart
Academic Integrity Coordinator

Vince WongVince Wong
Senior Director, Advancement Services