It's January and the start of a new year! Here's a quick list of benefits that reset each calendar year.

1. Vacation time AD 10.8

You now have access to your yearly vacation allotment. Here's a table below for reference.

Number of Calendar Years of Employment

Length of Vacation Entitlement

Zero (0) to seven (7) years

Four (4) weeks (144 hours) per calendar year (prorated in the first year from date of employment to December 31)

In the eighth (8) through the fourteenth (14) years

Five (5) weeks (180 hours)

In the fifteenth (15) and succeeding years

One (1) additional day for each additional year of service to a maximum of six (6) additional days

The chart above applies to temporary members if you receive vacation time. If you get time in lieu, you will not receive vacation time but 8% in lieu pay. Contact us if you need help with this.


professional development2. Reimbursement of Professional Development Expenses AD 10.11

You should receive $1,100 professional development allowance for continuing employees and $550 for temporary employees with a contract that's a year or longer. Moving forward, continuing members will no longer be subject to an 18-month wait for reimbursement expenses; it will begin in January of the following year that you were hired; for example, If you were hired in October 2023, you can access your PD funds in January 2024. Please reach out to your HR specialist if you have specific questions.


Tuition Reimbursement3. Professional Development Programs AD 10.10

As a continuing employee, you're eligible for job-related courses approved by your supervisor up to a maximum of $1,000 in any calendar year. This annual reimbursement cannot be carried forward to future calendar years. The expenses covered by this fund may include tuition costs, examination fees, textbooks and required course material.


Group Benefits4. Group Benefits AD 10.07

Some group benefits will be reset for January 2024, and others will reset every two years (like eyeglasses). Log in to your Pacific Blue Cross Caresnet to find which ones affect you.


5. You will receive your full health spending account amount

Our recent memorandum of agreement established an individual Health Spending Account (HSA) for each eligible APSA member in the amount of $775 per calendar year. You would have received a prorated amount in December 2023, which can be carried over for up to 12 months. 

6. Maternity/Parental Leave

Maternity or parental leave taken after January 1, 2024, will receive a biweekly payment option, rather than a lump sum, for the EI top-up amount. This is subject to similar conditions as faculty maternity and parental leaves.