SFU Budget

On April 16, the University sent a message to all staff on their financial challenges and presented their forecasted balanced budget for 2024-2025 in their 2024–25 Budget Book.

SFU has released their actuals for the 2023-2024 fiscal year, which we are including here


Basic Agreement Bargaining: APSA and SFU negotiated the Basic Agreement on January 15-19 and February 1 and were in mediation from April 15-17. Chris Sullivan, the mediator, released mediated recommendations on May 16, which the APSA board of directors approved. The amendments will now go to the APSA members for ratification. Please learn more here

APSA has filed two grievances based on article 9.2 of our Basic Agreement. These grievances are for the professional development fund reimbursement payout for temporary members from our last round of bargaining and the University's aggregation of sick leave for concurrent illnesses. We are working to resolve these disputes with SFU. APSA also recently filed a grievance regarding SFU's treatment of a member returning from a lengthy long-term disability leave.

Joint Compensation Review Committee: APSA received an arbitrated award from Colin Taylor in the 2015 round of negotiations. The committee works together on items such as market comparisons, salary, and other total compensation pieces as mandated by the award. We will have further substantive updates on this ongoing issue soon.

APSA advocates have several ongoing grievances and investigations on accommodations, return to work, hours of work and a few position eliminations. We can't give any details due to confidentiality issues. Please see this infographic on the Life of a Grievance to learn more about how the grievance process works. 

Hiring Freeze

On December 4, all SFU employees received an email from Dilson Rassier outlining further budget cuts. SFU expects units to cut 5-8% in their budgets over the current and next fiscal year — negotiated increases to member's wages and benefits are unaffected. We're working vigorously to prevent member job loss and learn more about the alleged state of SFU's financial health. 

On January 31, 2024, the University held a town hall where they announced further cuts and the continuation of a hiring freeze. You can find the recording on the SFU HR website.

On March 6,  the University wrote an update to the Spring budget, which included involuntary layoffs for administrative staff and a potential voluntary separation program.

On April 5, APSA made the decision not to sign a Memorandum of Agreement for the voluntary separation program. On balance, the offer from SFU wasn't favourable for our membership. CUPE also didn't sign on to the voluntary separation program.

On April 29, the University wrote us to ". . . provide Notice of Position Elimination pursuant to our obligations under the Basic Agreement and the relevant AD-10 policies." This notice was for involuntary position eliminations.

On May 13, 14 and in the following weeks, 35 APSA members had their positions eliminated by SFU.