Each month, our Advocacy Committee answers your questions about the AD 10 policies (aka, your terms and conditions of employment.)

Hello, I'm Mike Peragine, an advocate on APSA's Advocacy Committee. On behalf of the Committee, I'm answering your question related to returning to campus.

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I'm having a tough transition back to campus. I'm still nervous about travelling on transit, and although I enjoy seeing colleagues and students, I am exhausted at the end of the week. What kind of support is available for me?

I'm sorry to hear that you're having difficulties in the transition back to campus. It's okay to take this transition period slowly. It's okay to develop your stamina for the commute and for being back in person while there is still a pandemic happening in the world. If you feel a hybrid work model would be your best option, speak to your supervisor and have a look at APSA's infographic on the hybrid work model. If your supervisor is open to trying out the new tools and can get permission from your senior leadership, they can speak to HR for more information. (See the Return to Campus website and click on Will SFU allow hybrid work for the fall? If your supervisor, director, or department head are interested, HR will send them a Hybrid work arrangement tool kit and information about its test and learn phase. This test and learn phase will help SFU gather data on hybrid models. APSA's legal counsel is reviewing these tools as the agreement may intrude on other APSA terms and conditions of employment.

Finally, many of our members have not taken time off as there were limited opportunities to travel over this time. Many of you have worked very hard over the pandemic and are feeling exhausted. Taking a vacation to travel locally or even a staycation in a different part of Vancouver will give you the necessary time away from work to mentally and physically refresh yourself. This will help you with your productivity and help reduce your fatigue. 

It's been a difficult eighteen months, and you should give yourself some extra care, especially when it comes to your mental well-being. There are a number of resources to help support you. If you would like professional counselling for you or a family member, please consider the Employee & Family Assistance Program available through your employee benefits. Pacific Blue Cross also has a number of resources, and there is currently $1,000 available for psychological services. 

Again, it's always a good idea to contact the APSA office for further advice.