Last year, our volunteers worked tirelessly on improving your working life at the University.

They have attended countless meetings, volunteered hours on bargaining and worked on creating proposals, writing negotiation points, meeting with senior administration and defending members via Zoom, phone calls and email.

In honour of National Volunteer Week (April 24-30), help us celebrate our 32 dedicated and hard-working volunteers. If you know any of these volunteers, please thank them by sending them an email to express your gratitude for the work they do on your behalf.


Executive Board

David Agosti - President

Jill Sutherland - Vice president

Jasper Stoodley - Treasurer


Directors at Large:  Jeff Bryer, Lutte BrinkCamilla Cao, Cindy LiMatthew Menzies (CUHSC member)Arlette StewartVince Wong



Laya Behbahani

Advocacy, chair

Members: Jerome FrancisSteve FrostMike PeragineRob McTavish



Jasper Stoodley

Finance, chair

Members: Chris Claiter, Sara Du, Cindy Li, Hélène PouliotGladys We


Pension Advisory

Jeff Bryer

Pension Advisory, chair

Allyson Biro

Pension Committee

SFU Staff Pension Plan Board of Trustees APSA representative

Members: Ruth Appanah, Ben Boyle, Jonathan Gudlaugson, Andrew Jenkins, Cindy Li


Salary and Benefits

Kris Nordgren

Salary & Benefits Chair

Negotiating Team - Spokesperson

Jill Sutherland - Negotiating Team

Ellen Yap - Negotiating Team

Members: Nancy Bart, Cecilia BernabeDeena CoburnIan Hayashi, Vince Wong


Other Committees

Kiran Bisra

Total Compensation Review Committee


Rose Gonzales

(SFU Staff Pension Plan Board of Trustee until November 2021)