Meeting date: Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 12:00 am

Next meeting: Wednesday, December 31st, 1969 9:00 am

Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, Nov. 24
12pm – 1pm
BBY: Irmacs Theatre, SUR: Rm 3595, VAN: Rm2200


1.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:05pm. It was noted that quorum was achieved with 45 members in attendance.

2.  Approval of Agenda 

President Craig Changfoot, called for the approval of 2015 Agenda.

Andrew Boden moved the approval of the Agenda.
Jo-Anne Ray seconded.

Motion Carried.

3. Approval of the 2014 AGM minutes

President Changfoot, called for the approval of the minutes from the 2014 AGM.

David Agosti moved the approval of the minutes from the 2014 AGM.

Sofia Janmohamed Seconded.

Motion Carried.

4. President’s Report

President Changfoot thanked all of the volunteers, Board members, and staff for their hard work over the year. Changfoot reported that at last year's AGM, the Salary & Benefits team had been deep in negotiations, one of the results of which was the creation of the Joint Compensation Review Committee. This Committee, made up of APSA and University representatives, had been tasked with making recommendations for a total compensation package and determining how to spend three pots of money that resulted from bargaining.  APSA believes that the only way recommendations can be made on how to spend the money is with the data from a market survey. The last market survey was last conducted in 2001. 

Changfoot reported that APSA is currently preparing for two arbitrations with SFU, over AD10 policy infractions. One arbitration involves AD10.11 Professional Development Reimbursement, and another involves AD10.10 Tuition Reimbursement. APSA has been having difficulties resolving conflicts with Human Resources and finds itself hitting an impasse and going to arbitration more often. APSA, along with CUPE, the Faculty Association and TSSU met with President Petter and Senior Administration to highlight these difficulties.

Changfoot also reported that APSA is doing well. The voter turn out for Area 6 and 7 Directors was 45% of the membership in those areas. As well, APSA successfully settled three arbitrations that were still ongoing since the 2014 AGM.

Of the 13 professional development events APSA hosted, seven of them were sold out. Changfoot noted that APSA’s social events served 600 members. Moving into 2016, the new Board of Directors will be holding a full day retreat to develop a three year strategic Plan.

5. Treasurer’s Report 

  1. Full Financial Report
    1. Engagement Review (Accountant’s Report)
      i.   Statement of Financial Position
      ii.  Statement of Operations
      iii. Statement of Changes in Net Assets
    2. 2014 - 2016 Budget

Treasurer Sara Du, spoke on the documents, which were circulated prior to the AGM. Executive Director Anne Mason, pointed out that the accountants take all of our invoices and paperwork and review APSA’s accounts and payables to insure everything is correct. Mason also pointed out, in the Statement of Financial Position, APSA ended the 2014- 2015 year with less money because of the expense of several arbitrations and legal costs. Du reported that there were not many changes for the proposed 2015/2016 budget year, but we hope to be spending less on legal fees and building up the legal reserve again.

Questions from the Floor:

Q:  “Can you tell us what the legal expenses were for?”

A: Mason answered; for the 3 arbitrations arising from the IT restructuring that started in 2014, and were not completed until early 2015. The APSA fiscal year is from July – June.

Q:  “Legal was paid out of restricted or unrestricted funds?”

A:  Du answered; APSA already had legal reserves, however some funds were taken out of the unrestricted funds.

Chris Claiter moved for the approval of the Financial Statements.
Andrew Boden seconded.

Financial statements were accepted by the membership.


6.  Special Resolution

RESOLVED as a special resolution that the current Bylaws of the Association be deleted and replaced with the Bylaws attached hereto as Schedule “A”. 

Glenn Davies Moved.
Tracy Bruneau Seconded.

Questions from the Floor:

Q: “I think the fact we can no longer vote for the directors is a major change.” Questions were clarified to state that members can no longer vote for President and Vice-President.

A: Jeff Bryer conceded that it was a significant change, however the Board felt this was the best scenario for succession planning for the Board. Other societies run their boards much the same way. Anne Mason added that legal council recommended this option was the best option for APSA. Mason also pointed out that over 10 years, the President and Vice President have always been elected by acclamation and this change allows APSA to properly do succession planning.

With two votes against, the resolution carried.

7. Year in Review - Committee Reports

These reports were provided in written form on APSA Central, and were not reported on at the AGM.

  1. Advocacy
  2. Pension Advisory
  3. Salary & Benefits
  4. Total Compensation Review
  5. University Affairs

Questions arising from the reports:


Q: “Were there are a lot of suggested changes to the pension text that were legally required?”

A: Richard Blackwell, chair, Pension Advisory Committee, answered that one of the biggest legal change was that members must be vested immediately instead of after 2 years of employment.

Q: “Any thoughts on the incoming replacement for Dario Nonis who resigned as Executive Director of Human Resources.”

A: Richard Blackwell answered; the University is responsible for bringing their own team. Human Resources is currently in a state of flux and APSA has not heard back from them.

8. Introduction of the 2015 - 2016 Executive Board

Craig Changfoot introduced the new Executive Board as follows:

President: Craig Changfoot
Vice-President: Wanda Dekleva
Past President: Neal Baldwin
Area 1 Director: Ryan Fortin
Area 2 Director: Glenn Davies
Area 3 Director: Shelley Gair
Area 4 Director: Ian Bercovitz
Area 5 Director: Kris Nordgren
Area 6 Director: Sofia Janmohamed
Area 7 Director: David Agosti

Changfoot bid farewell and thanked the outgoing members of the Board; Chris Claiter, Betty Riddle, Sara Du, and Jeff Bryer. APSA gifted the outgoing directors with gift baskets.

9. Other Business

With no other business, Craig Changfoot adjourned the meeting at 12:42pm.