Andrew Boden: APSA Executive Director

Hello everyone,

Welcome to 2023!

I hope that your holidays were relaxing and family-filled. As you have likely read in our APSA newsletters, this coming year is a bargaining one. Bargaining, of course, is a team effort: I don't just mean the brilliant APSA volunteers who assist us on the Salary and Benefits Committee, but also the vital role that each of you plays in helping us negotiate successfully on your behalf. We're very grateful for all the indispensable feedback we received from each of you on our recent APSA Salary and Benefits survey. This information is critical for crafting our proposals and negotiating a new basic agreement with the University. We'll be sure to update you about our progress as the early part of 2023 proceeds.

This year also promises to be a significant one for ensuring that APSA members like you are appropriately compensated as compared to the wider job market (so-called "external equity"), and we look forward to our discussions with the University to ensure that compensation matters broadly speaking, are appropriately addressed by SFU.

Meanwhile, I'd like to welcome you all to a new year at the University and the crucial roles you play in helping SFU fulfill its mission. My team and I look forward to meeting with any of you who need APSA's assistance.