Andrew Boden: APSA Executive Director

Hello everyone,

For those of you who are back on campus this week, welcome back. As an SFU community member who worked on campus throughout the pandemic, it's a big change and not an easy one for many of you.  For those of you who so courageously worked physically at SFU during the pandemic, you deserve a big round of thanks from the entire community.  Thank you! 

From my window in the AQ, I see that many students are excited to visit the campus for the first time or be back here for the first time since the pandemic began. Still, it's a tough time right now. COVID-19 cases are increasing due to the delta variant. Thing are also fluid as the PHO rolls out vaccine cards, reinstates mask mandates and reports an increase in hospitalizations.

You’re going through a lot right now and many of you are concerned. You’ve also worked hard to ensure that the transition to remote learning was successful. Many of you are also reporting that you’re exhausted.

We’ll continue to help ensure that this transition is as comfortable and as safe as possible for you.

As always, my team and I are here for you.

Take care,