COVID vaccineIf you've been wondering if the vaccines help stop the spread of COVID-19 transmission, then there's some promising news from Public Health England (PHE). The study, which used both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, shows that even one dose of the vaccine may reduce household transmission by 50 percent. So, if you got your first vaccine shot and still caught the virus, you would be less likely to transmit it to other household members. This effect was especially apparent for people who were younger than 70 years old.

"These results could also have implications for transmissibility in other settings with similar transmission risks," PHE says. 

In our recent survey, over 70 percent of you said that the availability of a vaccine would make you more comfortable returning to campus in our survey. The PHE study shows the importance of getting even one vaccine dose, and ideally, both, to help return our lives to normal. 

How do I get the vaccine?

Everyone living in BC will have the opportunity to get the vaccine for free in 2021. Your vaccine appointment will be scheduled when you are eligible, based on your age. 

At the time of this writing, there seem to be two main ways to get the vaccine.

First, there is the COVID immunization plan in BC. The website is where you can register for your turn to get the vaccine dose. You will be contacted when you can get the vaccine and where you can receive it. These vaccines seem to be Pfizer and Moderna. Currently, the BC government are contacting:

There's also the Astra Zeneca COVISHIELD vaccination, which your local pharmacy is administering to people born in 1991 or earlier. You can call the pharmacy to book an appointment, and often the smaller pharmacies will have more vaccines available.

Find an eligible pharmacy near you

So who can't get the vaccine?

There are a very narrow group of people who can't get the vaccine, including:

  • People with a history of specific allergies
  • Children under 16
  • People with specific pre-existing health conditions, e.g. HIV


COVID Immunization plan in BC