David Agosti

Hi, David here again.

We've been very busy at APSA recently as many things have been happening. We've had the Volunteer Luncheon, the Salary and Benefit Committee is readying for negotiations as our contract ends on June 30, 2019, and we're also getting ready for nominations for the Board of Directors. This week is also Mental Health Week. There can be a lot of workplace stress, especially with all the changes created by the job evaluation that's just happened. APSA is here to help you with confidential assistance so don't hesitate to contact the APSA office.

I wanted to talk to you more about what APSA is and what APSA does.

APSA (Administration and Professional Staff Association) is an association, not a union. So some of how we operate is much different than a union. There is some overlap as we do represent you in negotiations. I'd also like to say that APSA is separate from SFU, so if you call or email APSA, anything that you discuss is confidential. APSA does three main things 1) advocate for you when there is an issue at work concerning the AD 10 policies 2) negotiate for workplace improvements on your behalf and 3) take steps to improve your work life through professional development, events etc.

Well, that's all for now. I'll touch on some more specific APSA topics next time.