David Agosti


I hope that got your attention —it’s certainly top of mind for me since I just received my Christmas VISA bill.

As a continuing SFU employee, APSA members get certain “free” perks of employment — meaning we get access to things that people outside the SFU community would need to pay for like:

In previous Conversations with the President, I explained that one of our purposes — totally separate from SFU — is to help educate our members. So, in addition to free networking events, we provide free workshops to our members. You can also suggest ideas for future workshops.

I don’t know about you — but I want more. And I’m hoping you can help with that.

Before I worked for SFU, I worked for the City of Vancouver, and we got discounts EVERYWHERE — Lordco, Reliable Appliance (hey, I broke a lot of stuff as a kid). Even as a BCAA member and a BC Wildlife Federation member, I get discounts at several places.

Are you aware of any discounts you get as an SFU employee? Can you let us know so we can put a list together?

What about discounts that employees working for UBC or elsewhere in the public sector get? Is there something they get which you wish we got?

Let us know at apsacomm@sfu.ca, and we’ll see if we can spread the word about what we do receive and advocate with SFU to get what others get.