David Agosti

Nothing outlasts the Energizer bunny, well, except...

"This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather."

—Phil, Groundhog Day

The COVID pandemic and its effect on our lives and workplace continues. The APSA Salary and Benefits Committee continues to push the University to begin bargaining. Our desire to have the University adopt better hours-of-work language (which we will pursue through bargaining) also continues.

Even the US election... continues.

With everything that's continuing to go on, seemingly without end, it is easy to think that nothing has changed over the past year. But when we look back, in reality, a lot has changed. From an APSA perspective, the change I am most proud of is how much better the organization has become at communicating with you, its members. On that note, this month's conversations with the President will be a short one. All I'm going to do is remind you of our upcoming Annual General Meeting and encourage you to attend to hear about these changes. I promise it will be more exciting than a small furry rodent and less exhausting than watching US election returns.


Location: This year's AGM will be taking place via Zoom.

Please register here if you're thinking of attending.

2020 AGM Agenda

See you there. Virtually.