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Here is APSA advocate Mike Peragine to answer some of your questions about workplace issues.

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I’m currently in an APSA 8 (full-time, continuing) position, and at step 1 of the salary scale. If I decide to take a temporary assignment in another department and the position pays less, say an APSA 7, step 3 position, will I be able to maintain my home position pay? 

Thanks for asking a very interesting question. Unfortunately, the AD 10 policies for APSA members are relatively silent on taking temporary assignments with a lower pay grade. There is language for temporary assignments as alterations to positions in AD 10-6 Position Evaluation and Salary Administration (section 6) with a higher pay grade, but little else in the way of policy guidance for your particular situation.

Based on the University's current practices, our response depends on the nature of your temporary assignment. If you're choosing the assignment of your own volition, then you've essentially chosen to take a temporary demotion. In this situation, it's highly unlikely your home position salary rate will be preserved for you. If this temporary assignment is a secondment or you're otherwise being directed by your department to take it, there is policy language to ensure that this job change doesn't result in a pay decrease.

I hope that this helps! As always, feel free to contact us with your questions or other concerns. Doing so is completely confidential.