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Here is APSA advocate Mike Peragine to answer some of your questions about workplace issues.

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Can you help me understand the sick leave rules for me as a temporary APSA member? When do I need a doctor's note?

If you're a temporary employee, you receive the same sick leave benefits as a continuing employee as long as you complete more than three weeks of uninterrupted service between bouts of illness. If there is a break in service for whatever reason, whether it is a time-in-lieu vacation or sick days, you must work another three weeks of uninterrupted service before you can take paid sick time again.

According to the Wellness and Recovery office's information for supervisors, casual sick days are 21 hours or less; more than 21 hours is considered sick leave. A doctor's note is only required if a supervisor requests it for casual sick days. For sick leave, you should provide a doctor's note to the Wellness and Recovery office. Their email is rtwdm@sfu.ca.

I would recommend that you also speak to APSA about what to include in your doctor's note as employers are only entitled by law to very basic information about your medical condition. Also, keep in mind that as your medical information is private, your manager or supervisor isn't entitled to it. Your medical information should only be kept — and kept in strict confidence — by the Wellness and Recovery office.

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