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Here is APSA advocate Mike Peragine to answer some of your questions about workplace issues.

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I've been an APSA member for over 12 years, and I've held a continuing position for the past nine. I served probation when I moved from my temporary to a continuing role. I'm moving into a new role, and my supervisor is asking me to complete another six months of probation. Do I have to do probation for every new position in SFU? What does that mean for my benefits, etc.?

Thank you for your question, and I'm glad you asked APSA about this. If you need further advice or representation, I'd reach out to one of the APSA office team who can guide you through these policies.

According to APSA's AD 10.22 policy, all new continuing employees serve a probationary period during the first six months of uninterrupted service when they're appointed to a continuing position. This means that you should not have to serve another six months probation in a new continuing role.

Also, if you are a temporary employee moving into a continuing role, you may serve a probationary period. In this instance, the hiring supervisor has the discretion to reduce or waive the probationary period in writing.

I hope this helps you with your question.