Please warmly welcome these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month.

Bergner, Steven

Associate Director, Data Analytics     

Additional Job

Big Data Hub  

VPR VP Research Summary


Chen, Debbie 

Junior Business Analyst         

New Appointment

Academic Management Systems       

IT Services


Clarkson, Sheena Marie         

Advisor/Recruiter Undergraduate Programs 

New to SFU    

School of Communication     

Communication Arts Technology


Ding, Ziwei

Manager, Laboratory Operations


Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 

Faculty of Science


Lui, Mansun   

Business Intelligence Analyst 

New to SFU    

Institutional Research and Planning  

Associate VP, Academic Office


Nguyen, Jon

Supervisor, Document Solutions


Document Solutions  



Richards, Zachary       

Manager, Financial Reporting

New to SFU

Financial Reporting    



Russell, Michael Owen

Director, Media & Public Relations    

New to SFU

External Relations Communication and Marketing   

External Relations


Sennett, Albert

Financial Analyst

Additional Job

Financial Reporting



Shelat, Pranshu          

Project Manager, Hydrogen Hub       

New to SFU

Core Facilities  VPR

VP Research Summary


Tan, Briana

Coordinator, Digital Strategy

New to Group

Beedie Office of the Dean

Beedie School of Business


*These names are from Human Resources. If one of your recently hired APSA employees is not on this list, please let us know at