Please warmly welcome these new APSA members who have joined us in the past month.

Cowan, Jill      

Manager Schedules   

New to SFU    

AVPSI Registrar and Information Services

Associate VP, Students


Fernando, Dinushi

Coordinator, Student Recruitment

New to SFU

Beedie Undergraduate Programs

Beedie School of Business


Fiddy, Charlotte

Program Manager, Grad Programs

New to SFU

Beedie Graduate Programs

Beedie School of Business


Ishimura, Genta

Project Manager II

New to SFU

Project Services

Facilities Services


Kennedy, Karen

Manager, Digital Strategy

New to SFU

Beedie Office of the Dean

Beedie School of Business


Lam, Chi Loong          

Manager, Budget & Financial Analysis

New to SFU

FAS Administration

Faculty of Applied Sciences


Meyrink, Orissa

Program Manager

New to SFU

CS Leadership and Community Building

Lifelong Learning Unit


Nijjar, Parveen Kaur

Magnetic Resonance Technologist

New to SFU

Image Tech Lab

VPR VP Research Summary


Sangera, Raveena

Wellness & Recovery Assistant

New to SFU

People & Organization Development

Human Resources


Shawl, Rizwan

Facilities Manager

New to SFU

Education Operations

Faculty Of Education


Tosczak, Laura

Manager, Leadership Giving


Constituent Fundraising

University Advancement


Weinkauf, Hannah Jean

Coordinator, Emergency & Continuity Planning

New to HR or Academic Groups

Enterprise Risk & Resilience

Safety and Risk Services


Zhang, Ming

Budget Coordinator

Temporary Promotion

VP Academic Office

VP, Academic


*These names are from Human Resources. If one of your recently hired APSA employees is not on this list, please let us know at