APSA received an official letter from SFU this morning (Wednesday, March 6, 2024), outlining the $50 million shortfall announced by SFU's Chief Budget Officer and Vice president of Finance on January 31st.

Despite not apparently filing for deficit approval as per our February 2024 bulletin, the University is requesting to meet with APSA and relayed notice that SFU intends to restructure organizational operations, potentially leading to a significant number of job losses for APSA staff. 

APSA intends to pursue all available options, including legal, political, and social avenues, to preserve our members' rights and jobs. We will also be asking the difficult questions as to why APSA and CUPE, why now and why not other employee groups.

We value transparency and openness so our members are fully informed. We are bracing for a difficult time ahead of us. We will continue to inform you to the best of our abilities as we receive this information.