In response to member privacy concerns regarding communicating with the APSA team via our SFU role accounts, we've changed our emails to our website domain: This new domain is entirely separate from the SFU one to help increase member comfort in communicating with us. Although we still have our SFU role accounts, these will be used primarily for calendars and other purposes.

You can reach us at:

Andrew Boden

Andrew Boden, Executive Director, 778.782.5423
Pronoun: He/Him


Lakshmi Gosyne

Lakshmi Gosyne, Associate Director, Communications, 778.782.4182
Pronoun: She/Her


Angela Vass

Angela Vass, Senior Labour Relations Officer, 778.782.4319
Pronoun: She/Her


Tracey Ferris

Tracey Ferris, Member Services Coordinator
Pronoun: She/Her