Arbitrations and Grievances

APSA has filed a grievance based on article 9.2 of our Basic Agreement. This grievance is to dispute the University's inconsistent distribution of the professional development fund reimbursement payout for temporary members from our last round of bargaining. We hope to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

APSA has also filed a grievance under Article 9.2 of our Basic Agreement around the University's aggregation of sick leave for concurrent illnesses. Again, we hope to resolve this matter amicably.

APSA advocates have several ongoing grievances and investigations on hours of work, discipline and medical leave. We can't give any details due to confidentiality issues. Please see this infographic on the Life of a Grievance to learn more about how the grievance process works.


The Salary and Benefits Committee has submitted its formal proposal to SFU after a joint discussion held at the end of May. Tentative dates for compensation negotiations are set to begin in July, and negotiations around changes to APSA's basic agreement should happen in the late fall.



The Pension Advisory Committee is working with the other employee groups on convening a meeting with the Employees' Joint Pension Plan Committee.