Arbitrations and Grievances

APSA has filed a grievance based on article 9.2 of our Basic Agreement. This grievance is to dispute the University's inconsistent distribution of the professional development fund reimbursement payout for temporary members from our last round of bargaining. We hope to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

APSA has also filed a grievance under Article 9.2 of our Basic Agreement around the University's aggregation of sick leave for concurrent illnesses. Again, we hope to resolve this matter in a timely matter.

APSA advocates have several ongoing grievances and investigations on pension, overtime, and medical leave. While we can't give any details due to confidentiality issues, we can note that we have made headway on resolving some of these matters amicably.

If you'd like to learn more about the grievance process for APSA members, please check out this infographic on the Life of a Grievance to learn more about how the grievance process works.