We’re pleased to announce that APSA’s final position of record prevailed over the University’s. Mr. Dorsey selected APSA’s position of record, which we take as a signal that our proposal was fair and reasonable. The award follows 30-days of negotiations, 4-months of mediation, and a 1-day arbitration hearing with the University’s representatives. As the outcome is an award by the Arbitrator and not a negotiated agreement, it is considered final and binding. It won’t be subject to a ratification vote by members or approval by SFU’s Board of Governors.

For more information on how bargaining works, see this infographic on Collective Bargaining. Learn more about the 2019 Sustainable Services Negotiating Mandate and the scope of that funding for our members.

Arbitrations and Grievances

APSA advocates have a number of ongoing grievances and investigations on bullying and harassment, return to work and hours of work. We can’t give any details due to confidentiality issues. Please see this infographic on the Life of a Grievance to learn more about how the grievance process works.

Hours of Work

The University has sent out communication on Hours of Work. SFU has not negotiated any new policy language for AD 10.13, and APSA does not agree with the current interim process. We will be pursuing updated policy language and clarifying what the Employment Standards Act says about managers vs. non-managers and other processes that do not align with the Employment Standards Act. Here is the latest communication from APSA regarding Hours of Work.


After the Pension Advisory Committee recommended a new trustee to replace our outgoing trustee, Rose Gonzales, the APSA Board of Directors has approved to forward that recommendation to the SFU Board of Governors. We will formally announce that trustee once ratified by the Board of Governors.


SFU announced on December 23, 2021, a temporary shift to remote learning from January 10-23 to give students, faculty and staff time to plan for the marked increase in cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. 

If you are a manager, please be aware that there may be more ill staff and/or staff who have dependents that need care due to school closures or illness.

Please contact APSA if you need advocates for specific issues on these new developments.