Angela Vass

We are saddened to announce that after almost eleven years working for APSA, Angela Vass will be leaving APSA and her role as senior labour relations officer for a fantastic opportunity at the BC Nurses Union.

Angela has remained incredibly dedicated to our members and the Association throughout her time with us as executive assistant, member service coordinator, and her current role as senior labour relations officer. Angela has been an excellent champion for our members. In a labour relations world of linear thinkers, she has that uncommon gift of "outside-the-box" thinking, whether for advocacy, bargaining or board matters, which has been more than a boon for the Association.

Please join us in wishing her the best in her new role. We know that the nurses union will have a true champion on their side, fighting for their rights. You can email her well wishes at

Angela's last day with APSA will be on March 28th