Volunteers for APSA 2024

Our dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly on behalf of you, our members!

Their time involves attending committee meetings, creating proposals, writing negotiation points, meeting with senior administration and defending members via phone calls, email and in person.

In honour of National Volunteer Week (April 14-20), help us celebrate our 25 dedicated and hard-working volunteers. If you see one of these familiar faces, please thank them or email them to express your gratitude for the work they do on your behalf.


Executive Board

Ben Boyle - President

Kim O’Donnell - Vice president

Jasper Stoodley - Treasurer


Directors at Large:  Melanie Brown, Jeff Bryer, Nicole MansonMatthew Menzies (part of the Central University Health and Safety Committee), Mike Peragine, Stephanie Stewart, Jill Sutherland

I’ve participated in several cross-institutional committees since joining SFU back in 2018. My favourite part of work is getting to collaborate with colleagues across SFU who are committed to making the University better.
Whether we like it or not, we spend a lot of time at work. APSA/University benefits and policies have a direct impact on our personal and professional lives. I care about my APSA colleagues and want to take part in APSA’s support of its members. — Melanie Brown


Advocacy, chair - Vacant

Members: Andrea Barbera, Jerome Francis, Mike Peragine, Arlette Stewart, Michelle Tri


I first joined the Salary Benefits Committee in 2018 as a temporary APSA employee to bring a voice to the needs of this large and unique group of APSA members. In my twelve years at SFU, eight were in temporary roles, which is why I have continued to serve on this committee and fight for better employment rights and benefits for this group of our members! I originally chose to volunteer with APSA at the suggestion of my (then) supervisor and found the work was very rewarding which led to my joining the APSA Board of Directors as well. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with APSA in these capacities and to work with a fantastic group of volunteers. — Jill Sutherland


Jasper Stoodley

Finance, chair

Members: Chris Claiter, Sara Du, Lauren Gilbert, Hélène Pouliot


Pension Advisory

Jeff Bryer

Pension Advisory, chair

Allyson Biro

SFU Staff Pension Plan Board of Trustees APSA representative

Pension Committee Members: Ben Boyle, Lance Couture, Jonathan Gudlaugson, Katie Hearn, Andrew Jenkins


Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits, chair - Vacant

Members: Jerome Francis, Jill Sutherland, Tess Williams, Ellen Siew Meng Yap

I don’t ever want to be that person who complains but refuses to put in effort to make things better. This is the basis upon which I decided to join APSA’s salary and benefits committee back in 2019. I want to be part of a solution instead of expecting others to make things better for me. Being on APSA’s bargaining team was stressful, but it was also very rewarding. Additionally, the APSA staff and the committee members were a joy to work with, and I learned so much from them.  — Ellen Yap, S&B member (2019-2023)