Sent on behalf of Andrew Boden, Executive Director of APSA

Hello everyone,

If you're having difficulty getting compensated for your duly recorded overtime—even if it is past overtime—contact the APSA office as soon as possible and we will help you. You're legally entitled to be fairly compensated for your extra hours per the Employment Standards Act. We're helping many members, like you, get compensated. 

You may have questions such as:

  • Am I a manager or non-manager for purposes of overtime compensation?
  • Should I be getting cash compensation or time in lieu?
  • Can I get my banked in lieu time paid out, if I leave the University?
  • Can I claim past overtime? (YES, you can if you have good records of your extra hours...)

We will answer these questions and help determine how you should be compensated and by how much.  We're here to ensure that you're fairly treated, correctly informed and fairly compensated.

You can contact me in confidence at or Angela Vass, our Membership Services Coordinator at Again, any communication with us is always completely confidential. 


Best wishes,

Andrew Boden

Executive Director, APSA