During these times, you're stepping up and doing your part to reduce the effects of COVID-19. You've been working hard to keep SFU running and engaged. You're leading teams, moving the University to remote teaching and learning and communicating our new normal during this pandemic. All of you have shown strength, productivity and agility.

But COVID-19 has taken a toll on us all. You may know someone who has been laid-off or unable to work. You might know or live with an essential worker. You may worry about the future and what it will mean for students at SFU, the province and the country. Because of these stresses, there have been numerous reports in the media of an increase in mental health issues not only in our community but worldwide.

Self-care is a crucial way to build resilience. Here are some things that you can access that will help you stay healthy. If you know of any mental health resources that you think will be useful at this time, please contact apsacomm@sfu.ca, so we can add these to the list below.

Other Resources

There many online resources many of these are free or have a limited time offer. Here are a few that you may find helpful.

Mindfulness and calm

Being active

  • Downdog app is offering free yoga, barre and HIIT classes until July 1 for educators and administrators.
  • Lululemon is also offering free yoga classes.
  • Nike has a free training app that will help you stay fit in your living room.
  • Athlean X and Fitnessblender have a series of free YouTube videos.

Community, Connection and Kindness

  • Quarantine chat lets you safely call someone who is also social distancing and would like to hear a friendly voice.
  • If a phone call sounds too scary, you can also sign up to become a "pen-pal" for a senior.
  • Kids Help Phone Volunteer This is a big commitment, but so many children are calling the helpline worried and scared that this charity put a call out earlier this month for online volunteers. You will not be on the phone, but responding to texts via your computer.
  • Mental Health Pandemic Facebook Group is a group that you can post and share your mental health tips and resources with others during the pandemic.
  • Anxious Times Support: A Drop-in Online Support Group is a free therapist-led online drop-in group, at 2 pm each Thursday in April. A safe space to share, be heard and find new ways of supporting yourself to 'ride the waves' during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Be there is a website to support you in supporting others with their mental health.

Courses and Culture


Stay healthy.