Results from Hours of Work Grievance

SFU has agreed to fully compensate two APSA members on an hour-for-hour basis for extra hours (overtime) worked. The members were compensated either by time off in lieu or monetarily. SFU has acknowledged that the time-in-lieu documents imposed by the leadership involved were invalid.

SFU also has agreed that AD 10.13 Work Schedules Article 3.03 addressing extra hours worked (overtime) was inconsistent with the Employee Standard Act of BC. APSA will be strongly involved in negotiating new language around overtime that is consistent with the law, applicable statutory provisions and the contractual provisions entered into between APSA and SFU.

This case began in late 2018 as a Step 1 Grievance, regarding hours of work. APSA vigorously pursued this issue as our membership communicated that this has become a pervasive concern in our workplace.

At this point, we are strongly suggesting that each of you keep a careful record of the additional hours you have worked and will work beyond a 7.2 hour day. You may need these records so that you are adequately compensated for your extra hours.

This is a clear win for our two members who filed the grievance and for our membership as a whole. We'll have further information for you over the next few weeks.


Arbitrations and Grievances

APSA is currently preparing for two arbitrations, the Colin Taylor Award arbitration and one involving human rights. We can't disclose any details of the member arbitration due to confidentiality issues.

For those who aren't aware of the Colin Taylor Award, why we are going to arbitration and why this is a crucial case for our membership, see the AGM report from the Total Compensation Review Committee. You can read the results of the 2014 arbitration and the contents of the award itself.

We are supporting several members with grievances mainly on bullying and harassment and hours of work. We can't give any details due to confidentiality issues. To learn more about how the grievance process works, please see this infographic on the Life of a Grievance.


Please see Jo-Anne's update on bargaining. For more information on how bargaining works, see this infographic on Collective Bargaining.


There has been no further information on the pension amendments. APSA is still in favour of the amended changes outlined in 2018 by the EJPC and will continue to advocate towards getting a plan that best serves our entire membership. For how your pension plan works, please see this infographic on our pension structure.


Please see David's messageour update and APSA COVID-19 FAQs for more information. Also, please fill out our Work from Home Check-in to let us know how to best support you.