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Hello, I'm Wanda Dekleva, Chair of APSA's Advocacy Committee. On behalf of the Committee, I'm answering your questions related to hours of work.



My supervisor says that if we work thirty minutes of overtime per day, it is just a long workday and doesn't count towards any time in lieu. Is that correct?

Your question is a very good one and a very complicated one. We recently announced SFU has acknowledged that AD 10.13 Work Schedules Article 3.03 addressing extra hours worked (overtime) was inconsistent with the Employee Standard Act of BC. APSA will be actively involved in negotiating new language around extra hours of work (overtime) that is consistent with the law, applicable statutory provisions and the contractual provisions entered into between APSA and SFU. In short, a full and complete answer to your question will be the subject of another advocacy column.

I can say the following, however. Different departments have had different interpretations of APSA's AD 10.13 Work Schedules policy addressing extra hours worked (overtime). Many of these interpretations were not only incorrect but the interpretation of these policies by individual departments was found to be invalid as a result of our successful APSA grievance. Some department's work culture of just "getting the work done" may influence APSA members directly or indirectly when it comes to reporting overtime. Other members must work some overtime based on the nature of their work. These and other issues will be ironed out in our negotiations with the University over replacement language for AD 10.13 Work Schedules.

For now, we strongly advise you to record all hours worked in the recent past or that you will work that are over your 7.2 hours per day. We'll be able to give you more specific information once we've finalized new language with the University.

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