Andrew Boden: APSA Executive Director

I write this message as I do every year before I break for the holidays. In an hour, I'm expecting further difficult news from Dr. Bonnie Henry as the Omicron variant seizes the country. It's hard to feel any brightness in the world faced with such news. Add to this the weather woes that we've had this year, and it's even harder not to feel pessimistic.

In such circumstances, I like to remind myself of the things, small and large, that I'm grateful for, that without would make my life that much more difficult. For members like you, I am very grateful that the 2019-2021 round of bargaining is behind us and that we successfully advanced our bargaining proposals before Arbitrator Jim Dorsey. I'm grateful that I could help so many of you face personal difficulties at work with dignity and resolve. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to lead such a remarkable APSA team and work with such a strong board.

It comes down to meaning. Helping members like you is incredibly meaningful work. It was Austrian author and neurologist, Victor Frankl, who wrote (I paraphrase) that if we have a "why," we can bear almost any "how." I have a why, which helps and nourishes me when the going gets tough.

Yes, times are undoubtedly more difficult than they were before the pandemic. Remember your "why" and give thanks and take note of the bright lights along the darker roads.

Best wishes for your 2022 and blessings to all of you.