Workshop: iPhoneography

November 21, 2017

Do you know what your smartphone can do?

If not, than this session is for you. 

You will learn about the best iPhone apps, filters, additional hardware, applicable traditional photography skills and how to unlock your iPhone's hidden features and take your iPhoneography to the next level for professional purposes or fun. Most of the talk is applicable to other smart phones as well.

The first 1/2 hour will be a presentation, followed by a 1/2 hour Q&A's and creative exercises. Attendees can leave the workshop after the first 1/2 hour, if they cannot stay for the full hour.


Wednesday, Dec. 14
12 - 1pm
BBY, Halpern centre 126
Lunch will be provided



About the Speaker - Ivana Filipovich

Ivana embraced iPhoneography as soon as she got her first iPhone. Her iPhone photography has been published by the Guardian. Spanning over 30 years, her visual arts career includes: design, illustration, cartooning, photography and visual analytics. Attached are sample photos by Ivana.