Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers are APSA's single most valuable resource. Every minute they spend volunteering provides positive momentum for the APSA community.

Join a committee to,

  1. connect with members outside your department,
  2. have your voice heard on salary, pension, policy and advocacy issues, and
  3. advance your committee specific skill set through paid professional development.



Directors (4), Board of Directors
There are four director positions available on the Board of Directors.

Volunteer description
The Board oversees all of the Association's activities. See the director position description for details, but in general a director,

  • reviews monthly reports from all of APSA's committees, in order to provide direction, understand the impact of decisions and approve activities,
  • meets with senior SFU administrators to discuss the issues APSA members face,
  • ensures the Association is financially responsible, and
  • advances the Association's long-term goals.

Time commitment

3 - 4 hours per month. Three-year term, from November 2017 to November 2020.

How to nominate
Each candidate must be nominated by two other APSA members. The candidate and nominees must fill out the volunteer form, by clicking on the "APPLY HERE" button below. Submit the form to the APSA office via inter campus mail, AQ 5135 or email to apsacomm@sfu.ca.

Friday, June 30, 11:59pm.


General Application

Didn't find anything that grabbed your attention? No problem. Tell us how you're looking to get involved by filling out the volunteer application form. When volunteer positions arise, we'll match them to your interests and experience.   

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