Sick Leave: Temporary & Part-Time Members

August 6, 2017

It’s flu season. The dreaded “cough, cough’s” and the “achoo’s” are on their way. Before your office is hit, read up on how to access your sick leave benefits as a temporary or part-time member.

Temporary Members
A temporary member with more than the three weeks in his/her current position is eligible for the same entitlement as a Continuing Member. However, temporary members must have three weeks of service between each period of sick leave.

For example:
Jane falls ill with the flu. She takes Monday off sick then returns to work. She realizes she is not yet well enough and takes Friday off sick again.

In this scenario, the sick leave benefit will cover Jane’s first sick leave, but it will not cover her second. Jane will not be paid for the second sick leave day she took on Friday. That’s because Jane did not have three weeks between each period of sick leave.

Part-Time Members
Continuing Part-time members are also eligible for the same sick leave entitlement, prorated to hours normally worked.

Be Advised

You may be required to provide a doctor's note (at the discretion of your supervisor). Medical offices may charge for these notes, which is not covered under extended medical benefits.