On behalf members, APSA negotiates salary and compensation contracts with SFU on an ongoing basis. The following information provides the framework for SFU salaries. 

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Compensation Philosophy

The objective of the University to pay its employees salaries that are sufficiently competitive in the job market to attract and retain a high caliber of personnel and recognize the progression of employees as they assume the full scope and responsibility of their positions.

Salary Structure

The salary structure or salary scale, provides the framework within which equitable salary decisions can be made. The salary structure for APSA staff has been developed based on competitive market rates and consists of seventeen salary grades.

Market Positioning

The salary structure is comprehensively reviewed against a reference group of approximately 30 large private and public sector organizations in the Lower Mainland and universities in western Canada every three years.

Salary Adjustments

Guidelines and procedures regarding general and/or step progression salary adjustments are normally issued from Human Resources to supervisors following the conclusion of negotiations between APSA and the University.

Reference Group

This group (as of April 2005) of 30 large private and public sector employers serves as a reference for marketing positioning in regards to salary structure.

60th Percentile

The 60th percentile is where 60% of similar external positions surveyed have job rates (salary range maximums) paying at or below that of other positions in the survey sample. See examples of external organizations surveyed and how to calculate the 60th percentile through the link above.