Pension Plan Town Hall Report *Update*

October 26, 2018

In the APSA Pension Plan Town Hall Report, there were 2 questions which included information that may have been misinterpreted.  You can find the Oct 4th Pension Plan Town Hall report & recording here.

APSA would also like to know if you would like us to hold another Pension Plan Town Hall, exclusive to APSA members before the vote at the end of November. Please go to this survey to let us know.

Below are the revised answers.

1.     When we had these meetings five years ago, it seemed unlikely that the University would cancel the plan. If we vote no on the proposed pension plan changes, is it more likely the University will cancel the current plan?

We do not know what the outcome will be if the proposed pension plan changes are rejected with a no vote.

What we do know is that the University and the Employee Groups (CUPE, APSA, & Poly Party) have worked together to make the proposed changes to the plan.

The APSA Board of Directors is in favour of the proposed pension plan changes.

2.     I’ve heard that CUPE & Poly Party have language in their Collective Agreements which prevent the University from shutting down the plan, is this true?

There is language in the collective agreements for CUPE & Poly Party which say that their employees will be provided with a pension plan.  We do not know what the implications of this would be if the proposed plan changes are rejected with a no vote.