Andrew Boden

Hello, I'm Andrew Boden, APSA's Executive Director and an advocate on our Advocacy Committee. I'm answering your questions related to our AD 10 policies. Questions? Submit them anonymously here. These questions will be answered in a future monthly advocacy corner issue. For an immediate answer, please contact us.

I was thinking of contacting APSA for some help. My boss, however, told me that APSA was well-intentioned, but basically inactive for individual members.  Is that true?

Thank you for your question. One of the challenges APSA faces in telling our members about our advocacy work is the issue of confidentiality. The 45 members who contacted us in April for help, for example, like all our members, are entitled to discuss their issues with us in complete confidentiality. In all such cases, we can report out to our members very little. As you will also read in the newsletter this month, we have brought three workplace issues to arbitration and, again, due to the confidential nature of those cases, we can disclose only generalities. In cases, where we have arranged with the University a settlement in favour of our members, those agreements are completely bound by confidentiality clauses.

This puts us in a very difficult position in terms of sharing with you our advocacy successes. I would love to be able to tell you about more of our wins for our members, to confirm that the dues you pay to APSA is money well-invested in promoting our members' interests.  I can say this, however. If you come talk to us, we will listen to your issue and support you.  We will represent you tenaciously and defend your workplace interests.  If we need to involve our lawyer on retainer, Allan Black, to pursue your case, we will.  Whether your case involves bullying and harassment, fair compensation for your extra hours of work or a violation of human rights, just to name a few, we will advocate for you. 

I hope that this convinces you, at least a little, to book an appointment with us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact APSA. Your call or email is confidential.