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Hello, I'm Wanda Dekleva, Chair of APSA's Advocacy Committee. On behalf of the Committee, I'm answering your questions related to hours of work.



My doctor recommended that I take medical leave. I’m not comfortable sharing the details of my medical condition. If I’m going on medical leave, what information do I need to share with my supervisor?

It's understandable why you wouldn't choose to share the details of your medical condition. Medical information is sensitive personal data, and you have a right to your medical privacy. The information that you'll need to share with your supervisor is to first inform them that your doctor has recommended that you take medical leave. If you haven’t done so already, you will need your doctor to complete a Attending Physician's Certificate and include: 

  • whether your absence is medically necessary, 
  • the general nature of the medical condition, 
  • the medical limitations and restrictions that prevent you from being at work, 
  • whether, when and to what extent the physician expects you will be medically capable of returning to work. 

We strongly recommend that you submit your physician’s certificate directly to the Wellness and Recovery office through fax (778-782-6873) or email (rtwdm@sfu.ca). Although the Wellness and Recovery office will need to know the general nature of your medical condition, this does not need to be shared with your supervisor. Your supervisor will need to know when you plan to take sick leave and when to expect you to return to work: the Wellness and Recovery office will provide your supervisor with this information. Again, you are not required to provide any of your private medical information to your supervisor.


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