Advocacy Corner

APSA advocates answer your questions about the AD 10 policies that govern your employment. From parental leave to working overtime to discipline meetings, we answer your workplace questions. Asking questions can be scary. That's why all questions are submitted anonymously


Advocacy Panelists

Wanda Dekleva
Wanda Dekleva

Chair of the Advocacy Committee

Mike Peragine
Mike Peragine

Former director on the Board and member of the Advocacy Committee.

Andrew Boden
Andrew Boden

APSA Executive Director

Rob McTavish
Rob McTavish

Advocacy Committee Member


Work Schedule

Can I be approved for a modified workweek schedule even if my Director is resistant and doesn't have a good reason?

First, if you haven’t submitted a written proposal yet, do so. Outlining your plan for providing the same or more efficient level of service, coverage when you’re away, vacation, etc., may address your Director’s concerns and give them the vital details needed to make a decision.

Your written proposal can be submitted to your department head OR the appropriate vice president. If your request is denied, we recommend sitting down with the person who reviewed it to understand their rationale for denying it.

As the agreement is not formally a part of the AD 10 policies, and the process for reviewing denials is via the Vice President, Legal, a position that no longer exists, filing a grievance is not possible at this time.

Can my APSA employee combine two 15 minute breaks to take a longer lunch hour?

You may be getting CUPE and APSA work schedules mixed up. APSA members do not have set break or lunch times. 

APSA members are "self-directing" and "self-disciplinary concerning the functions of their positions. [They] will exercise discretion about the time and location of work performed...", as stated in AD 10.13 Work Schedules. With flexible schedules, APSA members take breaks when needed and lunch when it works best.

Members must also keep in mind the operational needs of their office when determining break times. Section 2.02 goes on to explain, "determination of a work schedule will be directed to accommodating both the University's operational needs and the Employee's right to a reasonable and flexible work schedule."

Please advise your APSA staff of these policies and their options when deciding when to take lunch and for how long. 

Can I work form home occasionally (1-2 times a month)?

This is a question for your supervisor. In AD 10.13 Work Schedules, section 3.03 states that APSA staff will exercise discretion about the time and location of work performed in support of the established job objectives. We advise talking to your supervisor to determine whether your job objectives can be met by occasionally working from home.