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Riding the Wild Wave of Change with Joyanne Landers

Thursday, September 27, 2018 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Library, Room 7200

Riding the Wild Wave of Change: Tools for Moving Forward


Change is never easy. No matter what kind of workplace changes your team
is facing, it is natural to experience various emotions about these changes.
Tomorrow’s winners are those individuals and organizations than can
constantly learn, adapt, and respond to sudden shifts.

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Identify your change style
  • Recognize the ways your team members respond to change
  • Explore the positive potential that arises from change
  • Discuss the distinct phases of change
  • Develop strategies to gain agreement and reduce resistance to change
  • Increase your resilience
  • Select tools to help your employees thrive during change

This is a practical skill-building day. You will develop new ways of thinking about the change, and of
assisting your team members in adapting to the change. You will share ideas, experiences and strategies
that work to increase morale and productivity during times of change.




About Joyanne Landers:

Joyanne Landers has gained a solid reputation as a leadership and communication expert, focusing on human effectiveness in the workplace for more than twenty-five years. She facilitates innovative, stimulating workshops designed to improve individual, team and organizational success.

Her clients describe her as “dynamic”, “powerful”, and “thought-provoking.” She builds on her wide-ranging experience guiding leaders and employees in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors throughout Canada to create shifts in the way they relate to their work and their colleagues.

She stimulates participants to challenge their perceptions. Joyanne has the ability to lead workshops that are practical and easy to apply in real-world situations. Her plain talk, humour, and boundless enthusiasm are contagious. Joyanne holds a Master of Education degree.

You can learn more about Joyanne on her website Elepahant Ears Training