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Pension Plan Town Hall for APSA Members

Thursday, October 4, 2018 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Big Data Theatre, Harbour Centre 2050, Surrey 5240

The APSA Board is pleased with the proposed changes to the pension plan and we hope that APSA members will vote in favour of these changes.  We believe that this is a much better pension plan, one that is more equitable and one that provides a superior pension benefit to our members.

In light of the complexities of the proposed changes to the pension plan, the APSA Board of Directors would like to invite all APSA members to an APSA only town hall meeting where members can bring their questions and concerns to the APSA Pension Committee and members of the Board of Directors.

Some of the questions that members have requested clarity on are:

  • Why is it so crucial to have a new pension plan?
  • Am I being prevented from retiring early? Will I be forced to stay after 2020?
  • Why are we only hearing about these changes now?
  • Will I still be able to take the commuted value?

If you are unable to find your answers at the SFU Staff pension website we welcome your attendance at the ASPA member pension town hall.

If you would like to ask your pension question anonymously at the town hall meeting,  send your questions to Please make the subject line Pension Town Hall Question.

The Meeting will take place on Thursday October the 4th from 2pm to 4pm.

Burnaby: Big Data Theatre (formerly the IRMACS Theatre) in Applied Sciences.
Vancouver: Harbour Centre Room 2050
Surrey: 5240

This meeting will take place on Burnaby Campus, and be Video Conferenced with Vancouver and Surrey Campuses. This session will not be live streamed. APSA will attempt to have the session recorded, however, there will likely be a few days delay in posting it to the APSA website.

Please note, the APSA Board of Directors passed a resolution on September 26th to restrict voting on the proposed pension plan changes to include only those members who are members of the pension plan. If you are uncertain if you are a pension plan member or not, please contact the Pension & Benefits office.